Stone Sentinels, battlefield monuments of the American Civil War

WinchesterDowntown Winchester

Sheridan's Headquarters

The building used as a headquarters by three Union generals during the occupation of Winchester is in downtown Winchester just a short distance from Jackson's heasquarters. A sign to the left of the entrance, obscured by shrubbery at the time of the photo, provides some details.


This was the startng point of Sheridan's famous ride to the Cedar Creek battlefield in September of 1864, where he rallied the beaten Union army and turned the battle into a major northern victory.


Location and Directions

The house is on the southwest corner of Braddock and Piccadilly Streets in downtown Winchester. (39.186583° N, 78.166483° W; see map)


Text from the sign

Sheridan's Headquarters


1861 hdqts. for Gen. R. H. Milroy. 1862 hdqts. for Gen. N. P. Banks who took the town for the first time. Was again used by Gen. Milroy in1863. In the fall of 1864–1865 Gen. Sheridan used it as hdqts. Sheridan left here to rally his troops at the Battle of Ceder Creek on Oct. 19, 1864. After the war it became the Episcopal Female Institute.

Wayside marker about Jackson's Headquarters in front of "Alta Vista"in Winchester, Virginia.
(above) Building used as a headquarters by three Union generals, Milroy, Banks and Sheridan, during the northern occupations of Winchester

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