Stone Sentinels, battlefield monuments of the American Civil War

Winchester - Stonewall Cemetery


The Louisiana monument is in Stonewall Confederate Cemetery in Winchester, Virginia. The main cemetery entrance is from Boscawen Avenue at East Lane. (monument location 39° 10.941′ N, 78° 9.436′ W; see map)


From the front base of the monument:






From the front main inscription:


To the

Soldiers of Louisiana

who died for the South

in the Valley Campaign,
this monument has been erected
in memory of their noble
daring and heroic endurance
in their country's cause


From the left side:


They died

for the principals

upon which

all true Republics

are founded


From the rear:


Sleep in peacewith kindred ashes
of the noble and the true;
hands that never failed their country
hearts that never baseness knew


From the right side:


Remember their valor
keep holy their sod

for honor to heros
is glory to God

The Louisiana section of Stonewall Confederate Cemetery in Winchester, VirginiaVirginia

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