Stone Sentinels, battlefield monuments of the American Civil War

Civil War Monuments and Historica Markers
near Mount Jackson, Virginia

Mount Jackson, Virginia was a was a strategic point in the Shenandoah Valley. It was on the paved Valley Pike about halfway between Winchester and Staunton. It was also the terminus of the Manassas Gap Railway, which, at least for the first part of the war, ran eastward out of the Shenandoah Valley to connect with the rest of the Confederate rail network at Manassas.


This led to the placement of a major Confederate Hospital at Mount Jackson which operated for most of the war.

In Mount Jackson

    A65 Our Soldiers' Cemetery

    A66 Confederate Hospital

    Mount Jackson General Hospital

    Our Soldiers' Cemetery

    To All Confederates monument


A68 McNeill's Last Charge

At Rude's Hill

    A26 Cavalry Engagement

    A27 Rude's Hill Action

    Jackson at Rude's Hill

    Rude's Hill

    Rude's Hill - Knoll of Refuge


DuPont at Rude's Hill

A69 Post-Appomattox Tragedy

Summers - Koontz Memorial

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